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Company profile



      Huei INNERSE Biotechnolog Co., Ltd. is a research and development and production service enterprise providing pharmaceutical chemistry (design and synthesis) and green chemistry (process development and production), mainly engaged in the research and synthesis of small molecule chemical drugs, and provide customers with green process and cGMP production services.
       Our technical advantages: small molecule drug design and green organic synthesis. It mainly includes the precise synthesis and transformation of organic molecules based on c-h bond functionalization, green catalytic organic synthesis reaction in aqueous phase, application of ionic liquid in green organic synthesis, flow chemical synthesis and other new technologies.
       In addition to providing medical research and development services, the company can also provide customers with professional ionic liquids, catalyst research and development services, regular supply of corresponding products.
       Our technology and services can effectively shorten drug development cycles, improve the efficiency and safety of drug manufacturing, ensure raw material supply, reduce pollution, optimize processes and reduce costs.

Hubei Innerse Biotechnology Co., Ltd.